ADR Media Sdn Bhd




Having begun as a translation provider, ADR Media holds the edge and reach. We ensure timely delivery, managed volume and effective solutions to pace ourselves with the market.


Unleash the true potential of your product to reach the masses. We enable you to reach 35 countries covering 66 dialects, increasing the time value of your product.

Closed Caption

We select qualified and highly trained subtitlers who will process your script or video file to achieve accurate and contextually appropriate translations and maintain product quality.


Coping with the growing demands and business trends, we partner with and manage 12 fully equipped facilities enabling us to synergize dubbing services, lip-syncing, voice-over and mixing.


In this new millennium, every business aspires to adapt culturally and functionally, striving to become "glocal" by incorporating global and local elements.


From audio or video to text, converting the in-between for multiple languages is our expertise. ​

Post Production

We take pride in delivering the best of both worlds, combining expertise from both audio and visual media, contribute to this puzzle building perfection to the laid foundations.​


Exciting, persuasive and entertaining copies designed to entice, convince and sell. Do wonders to your business with the right words, slogan or tag


Visual storytelling is the most persuasive modern marketing strategy to increase customer engagement. Leverage your video to engage more customers than ever.

Website Designing

Style or substance? Why choose when you can have both? We turn your business information into engaging content that fully showcases your corporate identity.

Talent Management

ADR specialize in talent management solutions for the production industry. We understand the unique challenges and demands of the production sector and offer tailored services to help you excel in talent acquisition, development, and retention. With our expertise in the production industry, we provide comprehensive support in identifying and recruiting skilled professionals who possess the right blend of technical expertise, creativity, and adaptability required for success in this fast-paced environment. Our team works closely with you to understand your specific production needs, whether it's film, television, music, or any other creative production field.